WCSU Men’s Rugby Ready for Upcoming Season

  Shiny S. Patel Opinion and Editorial Editor At clubs carnival, most organizations try to promote themselves while also recruiting interested freshmen. However, this was not the case for the WCSU Men’s More »

WCSU Opens New Visual and Performing Arts Building

Leo Budnick Contributing Writer Thursday, September 4 marked a monumental day for the WCSU community. To celebrate years of tedious planning and rigorous construction, the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Visual and More »

WCSU Men’s Rugby Ready for Upcoming Season

by Shiny S. Patel Opinion and Editorial Editor At clubs carnival, most organizations try to promote themselves while also recruiting interested freshmen. However, this was not the case for the WCSU Men’s More »

Career Fair 2014: A Job Well Done

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Fighting for a Cure: Relay for Life 2014

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Western Women’s Sports Recap: August 29-September 13

Alex Giobbi
Sports Editor

Karissa Smith is having a solid season for Western volleyball.

The Western Colonials Womens’ Fall Athletics season began on August 29 with
volleyball hosting the Western Invitational, which they dominated, and field hockey
on the road against New Paltz; the women’s tennis team also had a noteworthy
opening season with a crushing victory against Mount St. Mary’s. See how the
Western Women’s teams played during the first two weeks of the Fall 2014 season:

Volleyball: The Colonials were among the hottest teams in New England from 8/29 to
9/12, winning ten of their first 11 matches, sweeping their own invitational, and earning
a #4 ranking in the New England Woman’s Volleyball Association poll. After a tough
showing at the UMass-Boston tournament, in which the team went 1-3, the Colonials will
take a week off before resuming play next Saturday against UMass-Dartmouth and New
Rochelle. Sophomore Karissa Smith leads the team in kills with 130, and points, with
145.5, while fellow sophomore Nine Wojtkiewicz leads the team with 231 digs.

Field Hockey: After dropping their opener to New Paltz, the Colonials have won four
straight against Elms, Rivier, Ramapo, and Little East Conference rival Salem State.
Forwards Morgan O’Dell and Tatum Seaver are tied for the team lead in goals, with three
each, while Jenny Cappello leads the team in total points, with eight. Western is currently
at the top of the Little East Standings and continue play on Wednesday, September 17th
against nonconference opponent Vassar.

Women’s Tennis: The Colonials dominated their opening game at Mount St. Mary’s,
winning 8-1. Western won all singles events rather easily, with each game ending in
straight sets. On the doubles end, the Colonials took two out of three, with their only loss
being a marathon third match, 10-8 (7-5).

Mack and Western Football Run Over Nichols

Alex Giobbi
Sports Editor

Mack Leads the Colonials Rush Attack With Six Touchdowns and 357 Yards.

A week after seeing what looked like a hard-earned win against Hartwick slip out of reach thanks to a weather delay, the Western Colonials Football team showed that they were still a threat in college football by annihilating the Nichols Bison 58-0. Senior running back Tory Mack ran for 256 yards and four touchdowns, while senior quarterback Will Arndt was a model of efficiency, rushing for 32 yards and completing six of nine passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns, one each to Alex Altermatt and Connor Falaguerra.

From the beginning, the game was in the Colonials’ hands as their first drive lasted only two plays, not including an offensive holding. Mack immediately made his presence known by rushing for 40, then 37 yards en route to the first touchdown of the game, bringing his season total up to three. Arndt had nothing but praise for his backfield weapon. “Tory Mack is a great guy to play with, tremendously talented, and is able to take one to the house on any given play.”

It took two seconds in the second quarter of the game for Mack to find the end zone again, as he completed a short Western drive that had started from a fumble recovery by Tyler Harris off Nichols quarterback Quillian Respass. As the game progressed, things still weren’t looking well for the Bison defense, as the Colonials converted six of their ten remaining drives for touchdowns, with only one drive resulting in a turnover.

On the other side of the ball, the Colonial defense played with a short memory, erasing the 40-point 487-yard Hartwick debacle by composing a magnum opus of a performance against the Bison. The Colonials allowed 293 yards of total offense, forced three turnovers, and sacked Bison quarterbacks eight times, three of which came from senior DL Raheem Williams. The Colonial defense even contributed points in the first quarter when Bobby Durham returned a blocked field goal 81 yards for the second touchdown of the game.

With the nonconference slate officially over, the Colonials now turn their attention to the MASCAC. A year ago, the team played to a surprising 8-2 record, earning them second place and a berth in the ECAC Northeast Bowl, which they won against Salve Regina. Arndt was cautiously optimistic on the team’s chances of winning the MASCAC. “We want to have a perfect conference record, and we want to win our conference this year… We missed a 10 and 0 record last year by 3 points and 2 plays [last year] so we just have to be diligent… we’re focused on Plymouth State for next week.” The Colonials begin MASCAC play against the Plymouth State Panthers next Saturday at the Westside Athletic Complex.

Weezer Releases New Single “Cleopatra”

Photo courtesy of pitchfork.com

Leo Budnick
Contributing Writer

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the age of the rock band is coming to a close. Whether this is due to the rise of EDM inspired pop hits or a decrease in functioning brain cells of future generations to come, I genuinely wonder if people still remember what an electric guitar sounds like. That being said, there could not be a better time for a new Weezer album to work its way into the eardrums of a generation on the verge of being lost in the treacherous sea of mindless EDM drops and beats.

After a four-year hiatus and three consecutive albums that only taught the band how to successfully lose a fan base dating as far back as 1994, frontman Rivers Cuomo and company have finally come to their senses and approached their song writing method by returning to their roots. Weezer fans, both old and new, have eagerly awaited a return in to the days of the Blue Album (1994) to Make Believe (2005).

Last week, the quartet released their second single, “Cleopatra,” off their up and coming album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End to be released October 7th. Unlike their previous releases in the past six years, the single has reinforced the fact that Weezer is indeed returning to their signature style of straight forward alternative rock. When the song kicks in, the listener can easily be deceived into mistaking the acoustic intro to be a bland Mumford and Sons song. With patience, one will quickly find out that this is only a build up to a grandiose radio rock hit soon to be climbing the billboard charts and kicking the ladder away from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Bruno Mars, and other self-proclaimed “modern musicians” who enjoy feeding the masses with regurgitated choruses and melodies. The most stand out feature of the song is undoubtedly the guitar playing of both Rivers Cuomo and guitarist Brian Bell. To those who have followed Weezer since the beginning, it is evident that Cuomo went back to his days as a guitarist in the late eighties progressive metal band Avant Garde to draw inspiration for the guitar leads, solos, and harmonies in Cleopatra. The track features a wide variety in guitar textures and tones that have not be utilized in such a way since the days of Maladroit (2002).

After the chorus repeats for a second time around, the song quickly changes from a major key to a minor key in order to keep the intensity of the track going until it eventually arrive at the guitar solo in the bridge. The guitar solo consists of a typical, but fitting, pentatonic scale while also incorporating a small harmony. Cuomo’s solo ends on a suitable Middle Eastern sounding lead to accompany the title of the song. The chorus shows that Cuomo has yet to fall short on creating catchy melodies.

While Cleopatra may not sound exactly as if it could be found on the Blue Album or Make Believe (2005), this track is an easy indicator that the Weezer fan base will embrace this song as much as they did for classic Weezer hits such as “Say it Ain’t So” and “Beverly Hills.” If anything, Cleopatra is an assuring sign that everything will be alright in the end for Weezer and their fans.

iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

Jordan Sprogis
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Photo courtesy of Apple

On September 9th, Apple finally disclosed the newest generation of iPhone. While
both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are officially available to pre-order online, they are hitting
stores on September 19. The sixth generation has the new iOS 8 operating system, HD
resolution, advanced battery life, and a new health feature, but what else does each
phone offer?

New health feature
The newest feature in both phones is called HealthKit, a built-in tool that works together
with other health apps to keep track of the user’s fitness. HealthKit’s inside-features
can keep tabs on body measurements, personal fitness, nutrition, sleeping habits, and
current results according to what the user is recording.

Updated storage space
Finally, Apple has realized that 8 GB of memory on iPhone models may not be enough.
Better storage is being offered for both 6 and 6 Plus starting at 16 GB and ending at 128

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is iPhone’s current competitor, and with the S5’s attentioncatching
feature of being completely water resistant, both the 6 and 6 Plus are waterproof.
There is no need to find a bag of rice if you happen to find your phone in a
potential water-damaging situation.

Camera advancements
There are also some major camera improvements with both models. For photos, there is
better resolution and new “Focus Pixel” technology in which there is an advancement in
the phone’s ability to set autofocusing points. The front camera even offers better retina
display to allow more light in. With taking videos, there is now a slow-motion option
with the capability of 240 frames per second.

The major difference between the 6 and 6 Plus is the size. The 6 is at 5.44 x 2.64 inches
while the 6 Plus is much larger at 6.22 x 3.06. Some would argue that the 6 Plus is now
the same size as many Android phones have been for months now.

Longer battery life
The best part about the new generation is the longer battery life in comparison to older
generations. The iPhone 6 offers 14 hours of talk time and the iPhone 6 Plus offers 24
hours of talk time. To compare, the iPhone 5 is up to about 8 hours of talk time – so the
extended talk time is a massive advancement for the iPhone.

HD Resolution
Both phones now have amazing HD resolution, but the 6 has 1335 x 750 pixels while
the 6 Plus has 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Which model is better for you?
The iPhone 6 would be better for iPhone users who are looking to upgrade, especially
for those who want a better battery life. The 6 is perfect for those who love advancement
and like to keep up-to-date with Apple’s products, but would like something more
pocket sized as opposed to the 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus would be better for those who depend on their phones as a main
form of communication because when flipped to landscape mode, it becomes easier to
type emails or text messages – much like the iPad. The 6 Plus would also be better for
aspiring photographers since it offers the highest resolution.

Man of 1,000 Thoughts

Photo courtesy of betabeat.com

Dakota Sarantos

Q: How do I figure out which girls are single at WCSU without being too direct or stalker-ish?

A: This question is already too direct and stalker-ish. Let me tell you something you already know: the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. But Rocky 6 aside, this isn’t a problem. You could have asked your parents on this one. Why take the time out of your day to write and send in a letter for this question? Do you know who I am? I’m The Man of 1,000 Thoughts. I’m like Stephen Hawking without the wheelchair. A more practical version, if you will. Sure, he likes to talk about theoretical holes in outer-space, while I deal with issues actually going on in real life. You know, the stuff that people care about. That being said, I should be discussing troubles that plague mankind. The ones that really matter. Troubles like racism, sexism, this country slowly being turned into a military state, why there isn’t a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie equivalent for todays youth, guys wearing salmon-colored shorts, why it has taken Weezer 18 years to maybe create a suitable, cohesive follow up to Pinkerton, capital punishment, interpersonal disconnect in today’s society, the struggle of duality within all of us, living versus existing, doing what you’re told versus doing what you feel, morality. mortality, fatalities! But sure, I’ll answer your question.

It’s simple, if you want to find out who’s single, or who you have a chance with, ask whoever it is on a date. If she’s interested, she’ll say yes. If she’s not interested, she’ll say yes, ignore your texts, and then stand you up. Don’t you know being confident and assertive for yourself isn’t cool? It might suggest some sort of self respect, and who wants that? Trust me, people react poorly to it. That’s why even if she doesn’t want to, she may yes to you and not mean it. It really puts the whole “free will” thing in a different perspective. Why is everyone making the same choices? It doesn’t seem like much of a choice at all. Again, these are the types of questions we should be talking about, not your dating troubles. That’s for your parents.

That’s it. Ask. Dating is a direct game. Just be aware, in 2014, with a society focused on hos not being loyal and which club to hit next to rub their bodies on strangers, monogamy isn’t on the forefront of the love game, and the thought of it is horrifying and intimidating to a lot of your peers.

Fight Against Terrorism or Fight For Discrimination?

Photo courtesy of newamericamedia.org

Shiny S. Patel
Opinion and Editorial Editor

On September 11, I woke up in an apartment full of people that love me, knowing that I was lucky to be alive. I also woke up knowing that I have been a victim of cruel racial “jokes,” for almost every 9/11 after 2001; and alas, this 9/11 was not any different. Rather than using this piece to discuss my patriotism, I would rather spend it hypothesizing the ignorance that festers in the minds of my many fellow citizens.
I was called a terrorist on September 11, 2014 by a few Caucasian men that I could not pick out in a crowd. First off, my career goal in life is to be working in the United Nations as a diplomat to solve the unjust subjugation of different groups of people in the world through the understanding of culture and by peaceful means. A terrorist is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the use of violent acts to frighten people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal;” so, no, I am not a terrorist. What really angers me to a degree of pure angst and disbelief is the fact that I even feel forced to explain myself; making me a victim of full-on racial profiling and extreme negative stereotyping.

Racial profiling is sadly inevitable, seeing as though there is a strong correlation in the minds of the masses in America, between a potentially Middle-Eastern Muslim and a terrorist. That being said, my Indian heritage is blatantly clear because of my dark hair, brown skin, and my relatively conservative style of dress. More often than not people assume I am either foreign to America, are shocked when I identify as an American, and worst of all label me with an identity I do not identify with. I know that it’s only human nature for one person to judge another, but it is unacceptable to use a quick glance to jump to the extreme conclusion of whether or not someone is a terrorist.
Honestly, I am more disgusted by the fact that this is a topic I feel the need to address. This is not just an issue that I see in my daily interactions with the regular public, but a problem I find even in places of government regulation: “random” searches at the airport have never been random.

Right now, feminism and African American controversies regarding police brutality have been hot topics in the media, but those issues and even this one are a part of a much greater problem. I am ready for us as a country to give all people the equality they are promised by the Constitution.
From the second that I took my first breath to the day I take my last, I have been and will be an American. My heart beats to the sound of freedom that rings in the air and the rhythm of the “Star Spangled Banner.” I am the face of a misjudged skin color; I am the voice of a muted population, a population that consists of unheard stories. I am a citizen of a country that I call my self proud and lucky to be a part of. The nation was built on the values of freedom, of integrity, of a life independent from hatred and cruelty. Until that philosophy is carried out justly, I will not stand by quietly and I will not lose my resolve.
Although I am a patriot every hour of every day, on September 11, I wore red, white, and blue specifically in honor of the troops that fight for my rights, the government that protects my people, the innocents that died on my home turf. I stand for a country that does not discriminate, and I can only hope that country one day truly stands for what I do.

WCSU Men’s Rugby Ready for Upcoming Season


Shiny S. Patel
Opinion and Editorial Editor